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Someone who was from up North, I think Vermont or something, posted here awhile ago about their buck going into rut, and I was saying it matters how close to the equator the goat is.

My buck started in rutting behavior yesterday, here in the near-Deep South. I'm going to try to find that thread, to see how many days' difference there was from North to South, if I have the time later today.

I had to reinforce with panels the barnyard fence that is common with the pasture, he was ramming it so hard to get to the gals. NO SIR! I don't want any December-February kids, and the younger goats are too young to be bred yet.
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I think it has been 3 weeks since my guy started really stinking. (northeast Texas, just a hop and skip from Ok, Ark & Louisiana)
He hasnt tried escaping yet, but I did let him in with the girls a few times. Know for sure one of them is bred with a Dec 15 due date, won't be too bad here, winter doesnt get rough until January usually.
I am ready for this to be over, can smell him all the way to the house now!
How long does the rut usually last? The wether that is with him is due for the BBQ, and I dont want to do that till the smell is much better out there!!!
ChickenMom said:
Better give him a bath and BBQ him now mamajohnson, mine usually stink until February!
:help: how do you bathe a wether???? maybe I should just take him to the creek and throw him in! lol!
Well, guess I will give him a spit shine and put him with the girls until DH has time to help me dress him out.
Sure do hate it when the wind blows in from the pen towards the house... peee-uuuuu !!!!
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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