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I'm not much on the rustic look personally. I tend towards nice clean lines..That's a matter of taste I suppose, but use good construction techniques and you'll have and keep customers for good.
So much of the store bought stuff uses cheap construction techniques for shipping and to keep the cost down for them and to customers to some extent.
Nothing says repeat customers like good quality construction that doesn't fall apart the first time the kids jump on it.
Just a suggestion to make your product stand out and above others might be wedge locked peg/pin construction instead of screws and nails. It takes a little longer, but it really catches the eye and if done right it'll last a long time.
Some information from timber framing construction guys..
If I was into the rustic look I'd probably use pins and pegs.. Heck, I already use a lot of dowel construction in furniture making. It's strong and looks great as well.

Nice work! I hope you get many many happy customers..
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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