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I picked up a batch of broilers from the feed store yesterday. I hadn't planned on it. It just happened.

Five times weekly, I drive by two different Bomgaars twice. This gives me the perfect opportunity to scope out the best clearance deals. I have been known to score three to four week old broilers for half a buck. Torn and taped bags of feed for 1/2 price, ect...

This past chick season, I got 35 broilers that were two to three weeks old. I got them in two different batches for under a buck each. The latest batch is past due for butchering and I considered mail ordering more. But with the minimum order, shipping charges and small order charges, I decided to wait until spring. I still had 14 HUGE birds awaiting freezer camp, so I was not in any hurry.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my local Bomgaars got in a fall batch of broilers. I wanted them. Not a whole lot, just enough to round out my supply to last thru the winter. A couple times weekly, I stopped in to check the prices. Still $1.83 each time. I almost broke down and paid full price. But I walked away each time. Until yesterday.

I know the manager and almost all of the employees on a first name basis. I have been shopping there for more than six years and they know that I prefer to spend my money locally. They know that most of my money is spent on clearance items, and that I am not afraid to spend money today if it will save me money tomorrow.

So yesterday, I stopped in on my way home from work. Bill immediately mentioned that they had finally reduced the broilers. They were two weeks old, and now had a price tag of $.75. I took 15. He offered to reduce the price to $.50 if I too them all. There was about 40! Too much all at once for me, so I declined. My mistake, as when I asked around, people were more than willing to take the excess off of my hands. But now, one day later, the rest were sold. I knew that they would be. The next time that I am offered $.50 chickens, I will buy every one that they have! I will find a way to make it work.

Today, I have 12 overgrown behemoths awaiting their fate, one already in the crockpot, and 15 additions that will be added to my freezer as space permits. All in all, I have a six month supply of weekly chicken dinners! Life is good!:banana:

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