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Round Baler?

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We currently have a small round baler it is a GEHL 1400 and it is a 1978 model and needs thebelts replaced my question is should i sell it or trade it in for somthing bigger/better? WE have aroung 50 acres of hay that we bale and we have had some custom baling done the last 4 0r 5 years and it costs aroung $2000 to have about 100 big round bales made and is getting more expensive every year. A friend told us we should lease a new baler and it would cost less money. i have been looking on the net at vermeer round balers are they any good? Also what are your thoughts of leasing?
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Leasing often helps your taxes if you claim farm expenses. If you don't then i wouldn't. Ends up the same as borrowing really if you buy it out at the end. (depends on the lease) Your baler likely needs most new bearings and the sweep rebuilt. You could and I imagine it will go for another 10-15 years. I'd buy or lease a Vermeer, or I'd like a decent NH 848 chain baler if I could find one priced right. I have to admit I am put off by the new electronics in them all, Vermeer at least makes a stripped down version.
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