rooting rose cuttings

Discussion in 'Gardening & Plant Propagation' started by dale anne, May 1, 2004.

  1. dale anne

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    Apr 28, 2004
    hello...i have a question....i went out today and found some St joseph climbing roses....problem is they were all being held cause they were already sold...the woman was nice and gave me 2 cuttings off the bush[they were broke stems, so i didnt feel bad about it] i have them sitting in a big vase with water and a lil sugar added...will these root? can i get them to root for's alot better then having topay for the rose bush when they do get some more in...ty in advance for yer input...dale anne
  2. james dilley

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    Mar 21, 2004
    deep south texas
    you might want to get a rooting hormone and then put the cuttings in a piece of plastic with peat moss wrapped around the and then keep moist. or a nother way take 2 two liter botles for each cutting and dip the end in the rooting solution cut the bottom off of 1 bottle and the top off the other fill them about half way ,up with rooting mix and keep moist ,the two pcs. fit together like a greenhouse to provide what required. ,if you try to root then follow directions on the lable. next time you might want to air layer to root the roses, its even simpler, take the peat moss wrap it around the sten on the plant then wrap in plastic and they root 90% of the time. hope this helps

  3. Mel-

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    Mar 30, 2004
    my grandmother lived in middle tennessee and what she did was take a glass quart canning jar, smear the inside with mud, put the cutting in the ground in a shady spot (but not completely shaded) and put the quart jar over it. The mud was to block the sun. course I don't think she ever killed a plant in her life ;) I have used the rooting hormone on alot of things with success, just be sure to keep an eye out for mold/fungus growing and take the covering off to give it some air if it does.

  4. lynpea

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    Feb 11, 2003
    Here's the way that I have done it successfully. Cut the stem right below a leaf bud, strip leaves, leaving the last two at the top. Fill a large ziplock about 1/3 full with a good potting soil, wet the soil intil it is just damp. Dip the cut end into a root stimulator and using a pencil, make a hole in the potting soil and plant your cuttings. Zip it shut with as much air as you can get into it and put it where it can get some sun and shade. Watch the cuttings carefully, because you don't want them to cook in the bag. In about 3 weeks you shpuld see some roots growing. Transplant into a pot, and grow out until next year.
  5. chickenista

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    Mar 24, 2007
    NC foothills
    I found an old, old house with a beautiful old rose that I swear looks like it has a triple bloom blooms on it. They are just huge. It is a soft, creamy white with just a hint of a blush..I must have it! I am going to try to root it. Thanks for putting the tips up.. you guys are brilliant. You know that, right?
  6. Windy in Kansas

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    Jun 16, 2002
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    I certainly hope you will ask the owners of the property before taking a cutting or rootstock. I don't need a comment, I just wanted to remind everyone that ALL PROPERTY is owned by someone which means hands off/no trespassing until permission has been obtained to do so.
  7. ArkansasLady

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    Jan 1, 2003
    well I have roses and they are under my ac so they grow like crazy and I just cut the branches off whever they get so tall I cant get by them, and stick them in a pot and keep them watered good...and it rooted...