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Root Cellars

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Does anyone have one? I was thinking about building one for next yr , looking for ideas and or pictures or planns from those that have or have used one.
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From another post of mine,

Three years ago we built a new one, they work great and stay at about 40 to 50 F all year, even though our outdoor temperatures can range between 90F and minus 50F (though only minus 35F for the last 12 years).

I Got Broken Slabs From Home Depot Bins, Grouted For Floor

I Insulated behind wall with 8" Insulation & then 6" T&G Knotty Pine - that I had around - left over - Then used old bi-fold Closet Doors I Tore Out Of Our Sons New Apartment

Stair From Old 2x6

Enjoy your root cellar, we love ours, works great, canning on shelf, flour in metal cans, bins for other, etc.

Gotta go, all the best,

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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