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I kind of laughed when I read about patterning behavior. I think that I know everyones truck out here by sound and sight! I know when Neighbor Bonnie drives by at 4:30 to go do the milking at a big cow farm. I know when Neighbor Bob leaves for work. When Neighbor Mark drives by, I know it's him. I bet nearly everyone in a four mile radius knows when Roger is home or not, depending on where the car is.
We've had a few incidents of someone driving around, looking for a house to rob. They can find unlocked door almost at every house! But, things are changing even here near West Bloomfield, so when we build I'm going to take a few extra precautions.
Oz, I don't blame your wife for being afraid either. Get the lady out of there!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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