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Adter our house was my burglarized my husband finally understood it was NOT the Florida he had grown up in and started to do the things a brought -up-in-city girl considered second nature, like locking the doors! We replaced the falling apart wooden doors that had not withstood a chisel with steel doors and he finally listened to me about cutting back the (ornamental) bushes where burglars could hide while accessing the windows- now we have a nice row of pineapples and some thorny bushes there - you have a risk whereever you go- she may just feel betrayed because she thought she lived in a "safe" neighborhood. I live in a rapidly deteriorating neighborhood but am perfectly satisfied with our precautions (including the machete in my closet) and my neice in the snobby gated commun ity is always panicking about their safety!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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