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Roaches in the hive

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This is one of Kathy's kids :) I just got into the hobby of beekeeping this year, and started a colony of Italians in July. They are still week, and have about 6-7 frames pretty well drawn out in the lower deep. Two weeks ago while inspecting I noticed one or two roaches crawling around in the hive, I did away with them and didn't think much more about it. Then while inspecting the hive today I found a LOT more, also, there were large grubs and cocoons on some of the unoccupied (by bees) frames, which I assumed are from the roaches? I believe I got out all of the cocoons and grubs, but the roaches were very fast and a lot got away. What can I do to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back? I'm guessing once the hive gets stronger the bees will keep them out themselves? I'm also worried that the colony will not be strong enough to make it through the winter, is there something I can do (other than feeding) to help build them up? Thanks
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Kathy's kid,
you probably need to thicken up the sugar mixture your feeding to encourage the queen to lay ,, this will help build the hive during the fall now ,,,, also ,, a menthol pack in the top of the hive will help greatly with the wax moth larva that are invading ,, that is what they are by the way ,,, the larva can become quite large when given unlimited food & little resistance from the bee's ,,, if not taken under conrtol quickly you will lose the hive with in jsut acouple weeks. The roaches unless in large #'s are not a threat to the hive & are actually helpfull in ridding the hive of things the bee's don't clean up themselves, sooooo ,,, don't spend time worrying about the roaches & concentrate on the wax moths heavily. Good Luck

Kathy-momof9 said:
Ok, yes, the bees are being fed. And the grubs were in oblong sacks, had more of a green/white color to them, about the size of, if not bigger than the bees themselves. I did think it could be wax moths, except for the size, I thought they were smaller? The hive is up on cement blocks, I'm going to try making a stand with 'feet' so I can put them in water (I also heard motor oil works well?), and hopefully that will work. I know wood roaches can fly, whether or not these are wood roaches I don't know. Thanks for all the advice! :)
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