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Roaches in the hive

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This is one of Kathy's kids :) I just got into the hobby of beekeeping this year, and started a colony of Italians in July. They are still week, and have about 6-7 frames pretty well drawn out in the lower deep. Two weeks ago while inspecting I noticed one or two roaches crawling around in the hive, I did away with them and didn't think much more about it. Then while inspecting the hive today I found a LOT more, also, there were large grubs and cocoons on some of the unoccupied (by bees) frames, which I assumed are from the roaches? I believe I got out all of the cocoons and grubs, but the roaches were very fast and a lot got away. What can I do to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back? I'm guessing once the hive gets stronger the bees will keep them out themselves? I'm also worried that the colony will not be strong enough to make it through the winter, is there something I can do (other than feeding) to help build them up? Thanks
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perhaps they are wax moth grubs. They will eat the wax and form webbing and cocoons.

It sounds like you have a very weak hive. Are you feeding them? If not, i would think that feeding them may help them build up faster and increase their numbers enough so they will be able to remove the grubs and the roaches. If you have another hive that is strong, take a couple of frames of brood and eggs and putting them in the weak hive to give them a boost.

Also, try to hand pick the grubs and cockroaches out of the hive. If you see the tan or brown roach egg sacks, remove those too. That should help a bit too.

Good luck,

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