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This is a tried and true "I have used this" way to ripen peach rocks

This is a blog post I found and used 4 years ago to ripen 2 bushels of rock hard peaches I had bought to can from a veggie vendor ..

I had a huge drop leaf table covered with a well worn cotton sheet and covered with peaches and then I laid a couple of linen pillow cases on top .
It took about 6 days to ripen all of them if I remember right ..
They were sweet juicy and firm inside with an awesome peachy taste ...
I made regular and spiced peaches and some Jam back then ....

My dear sweet landlady just brought me 15 lbs from a sale at Kroger's (.99 a lb) and she said all were rock hard even tho they have a nice color to them .
If I can get a way back to Kroger I may try to get more before the sale ends tonight.... if not maybe I can get more at Fresh Thyme if I get to go this month and they have them on sale ...

I have these on my craft table here in my bedroom on a well worn cotton pillow case stem side down (so they are on the shoulder so to speak ) not touching on any sides and covered with a well worn cotton pillowcase out of direct sunlight with an even temp away from the A/C vent ..

I am thinking it will take around 5 days to ripen so that I am able to can them in a light syrup for Sally and I ..

The comments are also informative and fun to read on this blog post too
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