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rhubarb questions

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My rhubarb bed is now at least 13-14 years old. They are planted where years & years ago we emptied the goat barn. The plants are very large. Some yield stalks where 2 make a pie. Honest. I've never done much of anything except keep the weeds down, and hand-pick or treat for curculios, depending on the hatch. I haven't split and moved- just started that w/two plants this spring. I clean away dead leaves & stems in mid- to late fall. This year one plant seems to have died, and another is struggling. They are on the side of the plot where water runs off a slope, so I wonder if they drowned? What should I be doing to keep the rest healthy? Gradually split, I think. Time to start feeding? Thanks, Sue
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Rhubarb does not like wet feet. Split and move them to higher ground. After that, mulch annually with several inches of a manure-based compost and they could last forever.

We have a single rhubarb plant that has been there probably 25 years (maybe even more!). Its very large and in the 5 years we've lived here I have never harvested from it. (mostly due to lack of knowledge and recipes)

Do you know of a good site for rhubarb recipes? Or have any you would like to share?

To harvest.. grab the stalk down near the base and twist and pull. It will break off.
Trim the leaves and the wide flat base of the stem and wash.

I like my 'stewed'. I chop it and cook it down and add sugar to taste. Great on bread, biscuits, cornbread, ice cream.
I like cobblers.. chop it, put it in a casserole with sugar and microwave it to soften a bit (or do it stovbetop and then add to casserole) butter, flour, milk etc.. to make a cobbler and bake until brown and bubbly.
I haven't done it, but I bet it would be good.. cook it down until it is a sauce and then use to glaze a chicken or a big ol ham roast! It would give a sweet and sour caramelized goodness!

Freezes great.. wash, chop, bag and freeze.
Thanks Chickenista!
i like strawberry rhubarb cobbler , cup sugar , cup flour, cup milk , pinch salt , table spoon baking powder , mix

cut strawberries and rhubarb mix in bowl with a bitt of sugar
melt 1/4 stick butter in a skillet , pour mix over that , then add fruit mix over that bake 30-35 minutes 350 very good hot with ice cream on it

i found rhubarb seed this last year we ordered it and i have 50 plants going, planing on planting much of the fence line around the yard with it. the house came with a very small old patch that puts out pencill like shoots and i planted a few more around the north side of the house
rhubarb will do quite well in the same area for a very long time if it gets enough manure, but honestly, they divide so easily that what i do is divide some regularly ..leaving some intact for that year's fruit.

This year I had 3 large ones I considered dividing..and some smaller divisions..and my neighbor had divided a bunch of them and put the scraps in my compost pilek, which resulted in a lot of babies too.

i split up one of the larger ones and got nearly 100 babies, gave a lot of them away, planted rhubarb around my pond edges and edged a new garden area with some of the babies..about 2' apart (I have several acres of garden so i can use a lot)..

I have some growing in swampy areas and they do absolutely wonderfully as long as the crown is above the will rot if it is below the water level, but it will grow right along the margins of my ponds super well..

it also will grow in practicallly pure sand, as long as you feed it with some manure each spring ..i have two beautiful plants growing right in pure sand..but they both get about 5 quarts of manure each spring as a topdressing mulch
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Rhubarb pie, rhubarb custard pie, rhubarb coffee cake & muffins, rhubarb sauce (stewed), rhubarb slush (8 c rhubarb, 8 c water, 3 c sugar, 2 c strawberries, simmered, strain, add 3 oz strawberry jello, 1/2 c lemon juice, freeze. Mix 50:50 with gingerale!)
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