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    Mar 21, 2011
    I'm looking to reseed some high traffic and sparse areas of some paddocks. These paddocks are mostly used for dog training. I live in the rockies where everything seems to grow at a snails pace. Summers can be pretty dry. The soil is mostly crushed granite.

    I have a tow behind aerator waiting to be assembled. I see that we have several days of rain in the forecast. I'm trying to figure the most efficient way of getting the seed down and fertilized. If I take the time to assemble the aerator so that I can aerate the soil, I may miss having the seed down for the rains. Is aerating after the seed is down effective? I plan on broadcasting the seed by hand.

    Then how do people go about fertilizing small areas? I have lots of manure but no spreader. Any tricks to spreading manure without a spreader? Is manure even effective as a fertilizer? Right now I plan on carrying the manure out to the paddock with a wheelbarrow, and then raking the manure to spread it.

    I do plan on getting the soil tested but need to get going on this or else I'll be too late getting this done to get any benefit this year.

    Anyone have tips on how to get this project done most effectively. I anticipate it being labor intensive hence would like decent results.
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    If it's one of those small spike aerators, it's pretty much a waste of time.
    If it pulls out plugs it will help the soil but will be too deep for most grass seeds.
    They are meant to be used on established lawns.

    Just rake the soil to loosen it then spread the seed and water it in.
    If you have straw or hay, mulch it lightly to keep in the moisture and keep the soil damp for the first 4-5 days and you should start to see some germination.

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    Nov 14, 2008
    What kind of manure? Dog: I would hesitate spreading it on areas to be used by dogs---worms, own opinion....otherwise, you might just shovel it out as well as possible, then, use the tow-behind on it to spread it further and work it into the ground. Expecially if it is the tine type of aerator. I think you have lots of time left to sow grass seed--it won't germinate until the soil reaches a temperature of about 60 areate away and more than once if you want to. Get lots of bare soil contact, and depth so the roots can penetrate.