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    I couldn't reply so I'm gonna try to post a new thread .... sorry about it.

    I gave the electrolyte to the one who is now dead. I'm telling you though that this calf was not dehydrated. It's skin was loose and pliable and was fine before and then it was just done or something. I'm worried it didn't get colostrum or something and I was working with a vet. Today that calf that died got baytril, banamine, probios, nutridrench, eletrolytes, penicillin, and scours boluses. It should have been ok. It's been on 3cc penicillin and smz tablets since it came here and it just got worse. I've been able to raise calves before but it's just like these ones go along ok for about a week and then that's it. They've been here a whole dang week and they should be ok. They should be. They're in a nice dry stall, they get milk straight from the cow via a bottle, they are all together which is a no no I know but that's all I've got, they've got clean bedding and so I just don't know what to do. And now one is just crappin yellow water. It's like once these scours start they never leave. I'm gonna just give it the electrolyte sol for 3 more feedings but what do I do? I can fix sick animals and have before.... heck I kept one alive for 3 weeks that was having seizures and couldn't stand and he gained weight to where I couldn't lift him anymore and gave him to someone who I thought could do better than me and he died as soon as he got to her place. The move was too much I guess but still..... why can't I fix these dang things!! I'm just sick and have got to fix em...... and all the ones that died were on the same shipment if that means anything. Please help if you can.... thanks in advance in case I don't get a chance to write.
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    Peeing yellow? Sounds like the milk is rich, and it needs something to hold things back. Here is what to do. Give it some cayopectate. I beleive 30-35CC is ideal. Don't do this just once, do it twice a day, also mix some electrolyte with the milk. The key is to keep them hydrated, even though they appeared fine, it does dehydrate them. Our calves, atleast a couple of them did get this yellowish runny stuff, we did as I mentioned and they are doing fine. The other thing is, if they dont want to eat, make them eat, they need it. Try this out, cayopectate with electrolytes in the milk. It will take about 2-3 days to start clearing up.

    We didn't use one tiny bit of antibiotic.


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    Dear Allenslabs - As Topside suggested, a vet's involvement is appropriate at this time. My theory is you have inadvertently "boughten"( along with a calf) a nasty strain of bug that does not respond to standard treatments.
    Ask your vet to explain to you how "gram negative" bacteria operate, and what different medicines would do the job. Also, ask him if an E-Coli or Salmonella Medicine might be appropriate. Let me make perfectly clear I am not diagnosing or recommending - That is for your vet to do. But I would verbally put these possibilities to him and see if he has considered these as a cause of your troubles.
    You may have to have tissue from a dead calf "Posted' or Post-Mortem examined to determine the real culprit. Best of luck. I would immediately move all calves to clean ground and position them with at least 6 feet between each calf - allow none to contact each other.
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    Some people may not like this BUT......
    our auction calves stay alive naturally w/o medication by not filling their gut with milk to turn bad which turns to scours. Feed them ONLY ENOUGH MILK to keep them alive...if they are pretty thin during this stage (10 days old is when scours initially "hits".....) that is ok. Better thin and alive than normal/chubby with deadly scours. So, at this point, my advice is to lay off the milk. Offer the electrolye solution to give the calf a boost...just a small bit but then maybe in a day or two, 8 oz of milk AT MOST. Offer water but don't let them drink it until they blow up like a balloon. Always have grain there.