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I'm asking this for my sister, who doesn't have internet access. She broke her ankle last June, and had a plate and screws put into the bone to stabilize it. The ortho surgeon told her she 'could come back and have the screws removed' but she's afraid to, for fear it will be as painful as it was when first broken, and that she won't be able to stand or walk on it for a time. The surgeon told her she didn't need physical therapy after healing, and now walks with a slight limp. She would like to get to the point where she doesn't have pain all the time, can wear something besides hiking boots (which seem to give her some support and stability), and to be able to get down on her knees and back up again, which she can't do right now. I told her I'd ask if anyone had experience with having them removed after a break, and if it made a difference? Pros and cons of leaving the screws in or removing them? Thanks, Jan in Co
i had the exact same break, except on both bones. the doctor told me i could choose to have them out. but he also said there was no need if there was no problem.

as far as a re-break he said the repaired bone was now stronger than the original bone.

i also kept wrapping it with ace wrap and wearing boots but the doctor told me that it wasn't necessary and also made the ankle even weaker because it wasn't being exercised by being used in my day to day life. maybe if she quits giving it extra support and just does her usual activities she will regain strength and not limp any more.

i too felt the cold for the first few years but eventually enough tissue grew over it that i don't feel it any more.

it does take major surgery to remove it. imo, it's an excuse for them to collect another big fat surgery bill.
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