Remington Announces New Line of 870 DM Magazine-Fed Shotguns

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    "Remington Announces New Line of 870 DM Magazine-Fed Shotguns
    by Dan Zimmerman |
    Dec 04, 2017 |


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    Quick…when you think of a pump shotgun, what’s the first one that comes to mind? It’s probably the venerable Remington 870. And for good reason. There aren’t many more versatile, affordable pump guns sold…perfect for use in roles from home defense to hunting to breaking clays to SHTF scenarios (read our review here). Now Big Green has taken the classic 870 design and given it a capacity upgrade.

    Their new line of magazine-fed 870 DM (detachable magazine, in case you couldn’t decipher that) ships with a single six-round mag giving you seven rounds of quickly re-loadable, heavy hitting firepower — pretty handy to have in a home defense scattergun. And they’re making the DM’s in five different flavors . . ."

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    been looking for a good box fed shotgun for years , glad there are starting to be options

    I suppose the shockwave type 14 inch barrel firearm is where this will really shine they were giving up so much cappacity to shorten the barrel

    my want for it was , deer hunting when you do drives all day long your loading and unloading all day long it gets kind of old especially if you need to take your gloves off every time to do it