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Regional Crafts

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Which crafts seem to be regional or local where you live, in other words, probably related to local culture?

What I have seen a lot of here in northern Idaho:

*Antler based art for the home, such as chandeliers, door handles, lamps, etc.

*Painted sawblades, especially the circular one but also the old two man saws, and as these types get less common, the regular carpenter saws.

*Rustic furniture made of logs and sticks, not the woven willow type, the sort that is logs or stick joined together.

*Bird houses and feeders, especially those that are rustic or made to look like little log cabins, etc.

*Plywood cutouts that look like a cowboy or cowgirl leaning back against a fence. I am so tired of these! Also, the butts bending over.

*Sheet metal cutouts, sometimes quite intricate and lacy.

*Chainsaw carvings of bears, beavers, eagles, etc.

Popular themes here are bears, moose, elk, eagles, deer, log cabins, pine trees, and fish such as trout or salmon.
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Everything made by the AMISH is popular, quilts, jellies, wood items anything with Amish on them. We also have a lot of fiber art.

I'm making applehead dolls that are Amish.
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