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Regional Crafts

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Which crafts seem to be regional or local where you live, in other words, probably related to local culture?

What I have seen a lot of here in northern Idaho:

*Antler based art for the home, such as chandeliers, door handles, lamps, etc.

*Painted sawblades, especially the circular one but also the old two man saws, and as these types get less common, the regular carpenter saws.

*Rustic furniture made of logs and sticks, not the woven willow type, the sort that is logs or stick joined together.

*Bird houses and feeders, especially those that are rustic or made to look like little log cabins, etc.

*Plywood cutouts that look like a cowboy or cowgirl leaning back against a fence. I am so tired of these! Also, the butts bending over.

*Sheet metal cutouts, sometimes quite intricate and lacy.

*Chainsaw carvings of bears, beavers, eagles, etc.

Popular themes here are bears, moose, elk, eagles, deer, log cabins, pine trees, and fish such as trout or salmon.
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This is really interesting.

Another thing I forgot, we also have a lot of huckleberry based items: soap, syrup, jam, pies, as well as being depicted in quilts and stuff.

Speaking of quilts, the types that seem more popular here are woodsy (wildlife, plaids, rustic themes) or those flannel ones with the raw edges that fray softly. Also the fleece blanket, again, wildlife prints beign popular.

My mom is really into crafting and she lives in California. She will periodically send me stuff she's making, or materials to make what she's making, saying it's the hottest thing going there. It is often more southwestern that what we have up here. For example, you never see anything with cacti motifs or coyotes howling in the air with a bandana around their neck, here. Well, hardly ever.
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