Red bud and dogwood questions....

Discussion in 'Gardening & Plant Propagation' started by luvrulz, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. luvrulz

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    Feb 3, 2005
    I have all these trees growing in the woods on our property and wondered how can I grow more? Can I take cuttings and put them in peat moss? How can I go about it?

    Many thanks! :p
  2. marvella

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    Oct 12, 2003
    you can take cutting from them in early spring, just as theye begin to come out of dormancy. cuttings 6 inches or less are best. you can dip them in rootone, and plant them in dampened sand, cover them with plastic until a good root system is started. after 3 or 4 months, they can be moved to a bigger pot, kept from freezing the next winter, then that following spring they can be planted outside.

  3. oldhoot

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    May 4, 2002
    Hey Marv. I was just afix'n to ask the very same question that you answered. Do great minds run in same channels????? har.
    We just potted several forsithias and [with rootboost] and got me to thinkin about the dogwood and redbud. We have bunches of'm both also have about 2000 seeds from dogwood almost ready to plant. Cuttins will be so much easier. Thannks a whole bunch for the info. God Bless. oldhoot.
  4. Windy in Kansas

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    Jun 16, 2002
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    If you study a redbud leaf then walk around on your property, you will probably discover that there are seedlings with just a couple of leaves that have come up volunteer from fallen seed.

    I use a bulb planter to prepare a hole for each seedling, then place the planter over a seedling and lift it from the ground with dirt intact. They move easily and readily.

    Black walnut sprouts courtesy of squirrels move pretty readily too if you catch them young enough.