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Recycling 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon plastic jugs

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I recycle the heavy jugs like vinegar and bleach bottles by cutting a scoop sized opening on the same sid as the side loop handle. Then clean it real well and I have a top handle scoop to use in my worm ranch or whatever. I made some to use with my powdered worm feed, chicken mash and bird seed that function as a pour funnel simply by removing the jug cap. I scoop up the feed then tip it back and use the bottle opening as a funnel to load the feeders.

Thought this might help someone else.
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Thanks for the tip Jay er Shrek. My wife cut a hole in an empty Clorox Bleach bottle for our chicken tractor yesterday - it works fine. We cut a scoop out of a top of another bottle quite a time ago to be used for scooping dog food.

I've read (I don't own a boat) that these bottles are great for jug fishing, tying a short length of line with baited hook and chasing them down when you have a fish on. Also good marker buoys, and even boat bumpers when filled with expanding type foam.
The 2 liter soda bottles make excellent storage containers for food stuffs such as pancake mix, flour, ect. To use with ease, take two bottle tops and cut away the top portion of each, place them top to top and glue or tape together, both threaded portions are now 180 degrees opposing each other. Use one cut in half bottle as a funnel with the threaded tops attached to both bottles.
Cut a hole opposite the handle a bit larger than your fist and use them to cary nails or fence staples.
Cut the bottom off for a funnel-
Cut the bottom off milk jugs and a small hole at the top of the handle put a rod of some sort next to seedlings or transplants and use the jug as a hot cap the rod keeps it in place and when the temp warms up pick it up and rotate it on the rod to keep it handy for rplacement as temp falls.

cut them in strips to make plant labels using a waterproof marker to write info

cut the top off and used the bottom as a plant saucer on in a basket or nonwaterproof container to make floral arrangements
Filled with water and small holes punched in the bottom, make a great drip watering system for garden plants on hot summer days.
I also use jugs and bottles as auto drip waterers. I like that a small pinhole in the bottom and adjusting the seal of the lid can produce a 15 drip per minute feed. Excellent garden moisturizer on our hades hot summer days here.
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