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This is an excellent recipie. A friend of mine sent this to me after having this at one of Raliegh NC's finer resturants. It was for a goat meat promotion. I tried this and it makes the meat very tender.
You're going to have to downsize the recipie for a smaller amount.

40#'s of goat meat 3 medium gree peppers
4 medium onions 2 fresh garlic bulbs (whole)
1 pack Silantio 1/2 c. green olives
1 bottle Heineken Beer 1 C Scotch Whiskey
1 ans 1/2 T salt 1 C veg oil
3 0r 4 cubes of Chicken flavor bouillion
24 oz tomato paste 1 c lemon juice
salt to taste

1. clean all fat out of the goat meat
2. Cut into small pieces (4")
3. Rinse meat in lemon juice and let it dry
4. Chop all vegetables and mix them with the meat. Not the Tomato paste
5. Marinate 1 day before you cook it (more then 12 hrs)
6. Sautee the marinated meat and after 20 mins pour in the tomato paste
7. if necessary add water so it will be juicy
8. Cover and cook until tender

I added the beer and whiskey for the marinade overnight since it didn't say when exactly to add it.
By: Chef Johnny Torres


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I just substitute goat for beef in all recipes.
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