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    This is a place to start. Recipes that only require very minimal equipment and accessories to make.
    A camp fire, pot, boiling water, and a spoon. Recipes with ingredients that are long life stable, grocery store common available, cheap, easy, filling, and tasty.
    Add recipes you have tried.

    Camp coffee..
    2 Cups instant coffee
    2 Cups powdered coffee creamer, unflavored
    1 Cup powdered milk
    1 Cup sweetener, I use Splenda
    Mix well. Keep in an air tight container.
    Use 1-2 rounded tea spoons mix to a mug of very hot water to taste.
    Bush Fuel...
    2 Cups coffee mix (see above)
    1 Cup French Vanilla Capachino powder
    1 Cup hot coco powder
    Mix well. Store and use as above.
    French Onion Soup Mix...
    4 Cups French onion soup powder
    1 Cup beef or chicken soup powder
    1/4 tea spoon black pepper
    Mix well. Store airtight.
    Use 1-2 heaping teaspoons of mix to a mug of very hot water.
    Use more or less black pepper to taste. Substitute 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper.
    This goes well alone or with a can of tuna, sardines, kippers or other high protein.
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    My camp coffee recipe is the same as my every day recipe,,, half gal water boiling 1/4 cup coffee grounds, , boil 4 min take off fire let set 5 min drink