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    Interview as many as you feel necessary. It is very much the norm.
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    Be aware real estate agent generally fall into one of three categories: listers, sellers and both. Some are excellent at getting listings but really aren't that interested in the selling aspect. Some make little attempt to get new listings, preferring to work off existing listings. Some are good at both aspects.

    Thus, if an agent start throwing out their last years sales figure to you, ask them how it breaks down between what they listed and didn't sell, what they sold but didn't list and what they both listed and sold.

    I also recommend interviewing several, preferable from referrals from those who have dealt with them in the past. Personally I would lean towards those who are brutally honest with you on your properties good and bad points.

    Do your own research in advance, such as looking through the multiple listings for similar properties which have sold recently in your same neighborhood. It is difficult to compare between neighborhoods as there are so many factors, such as the quality of the school system and roads involved.

    Whether or not to have an open house is up to you. Mostly they are just a chance for your agent to hand out their business card.

    IMHO a professional appraisal goes a long way in documenting the value of a property.

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    We recently had two different realtors come and do a market analysis on our
    property (it's free). The first came and it took her 6 days before she started the report. She then threw it together and came by to discuss with us. She also said the house was fine and needed no touch up.

    The second one came. She asked a zillion questions about everything (i liked that), started on report the next day - had it to us by the weekend and sat down with us. The difference was also that when i asked this realtor what i could do to help get top $$ for my house, she was honest and brutal at the same time. She pointed at the ceiling i had touched up many times, the entry way that has never been painted since we moved in a long time ago, foundation cracks by chimney - fix and paint, painting skylight frames, etc. All little things, but things that do add up when your house is being compared to one like it that someone wants. This realtor is nice, and looked at my house as a person coming through to spend the $$ we'll be asking.

    That's what you want. A realtor who says "it's fine" is one that wants to sell for low and make the dough!

    I also was told to remember the realtor is someone you don't have to be friends with - pick the one that is capable. Everyone i know that went with the realtor that said they loved their house and was so nice, didn't do much to sell the property.
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    Hope you don't mind if I pitch my homebased business here. We operate which is a property advertising service. We would be used ALONG WITH, not in place of, a Realtor. For one low price we list your property for as long as you need it advertised. Please stop by and take a look. Thanks!
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    My educated answer = Search and find "The Country Today"; they are a good bunch of folks from Wisconsin, still trying to make a living. Lots of bargains in their paper. And NO, Realtors are like you and I --- just trust your own instincts ---- capice?
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    Talk to as many as you want! Those Realtors are competing for your business. Chances are they're all going to come up with the same ball park price for you to offer your property at, but you're going to want to know why you should choose them. As someone said, you want the person who's going to tell you honestly how to prep your house, what your options are, and all that...and still feel comfortable to work with. Check them all out!

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    When we sold our house a year ago, we went around to open houses in the area, and acted like we were kinda interested, and ended up telling each that we were looking at selling our house in the area. That was an easy way for us to find a good realtor, both to sell and look. We found an excellent realtor that way. This makes the most sense because they are not trying to sell your house, but you can see them in action and see how they sell the other house. Choose someone who is professional an seems on top of things. I wish you were here in Colorado, I would gladly recommend this agent to you. She had never looked at houses in the country, but she drove out an hour and a half with us a couple weekends to look at all the possiblities, course, I had already done that on my own alot too. It was a learning experience for her too, but she was absolutely great and professional.