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Rather gross....

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So was on kijiji the other day. Noted an large breed rabbits.

Checked it out. Found out it was the lady I regretted doing a trade on bunnies with last spring. Found out she's added angoras and large meat rabbits to her inventory. I warned my was rather icky that last time I was there so dress down and sloppy. Dressed the boy the same.

It was WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could it have gotten worse?

rabbits not up on levels. empty feeders.
Rabbits on the ground. Sitting in their own filth. Rabbits running loose. The "good" does were well cared for. had babies. under shelter well provided for. everyone else...eek...NOT a good scene.

I took away 26 rabbits. after I sorted through them...was left with 5. Very nice rabbits those 5 were...but the rest were a mixed assortment of sad to okay. I'm glad that they are NOT going back there.

they live an hour away. So I'm not going back to clean things up for them. Their whole place is just a mess with critters roaming free everywhere. The escapee bunnies looked really good. taking care of those bunnies would make a bare dent in the mess around that place.

Now that they have less bunnies the hope is that what is left will get put into the empty cages that are up on stilts and put into the barn that they have. Hopefully....
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The best tool I found for cleaning cages is a grill brush/scraper. One came with my grill set, but something broke off it became my rabbit cage cleaner...the angle is perfect for reaching the back. But it is too stiff to get down between the wires so I follow up with a stiff nylon brush from the dollar store. I tried the putty knife, works well for the top...but the grill scraper works better because of the angle to it and the long handle.
I use a grill scraper brush thingy too. Wire bristles on one side and scraper on back. I love it!!! I follow it with a stiff bristled (think its boar hair) horse body brush...we had to sell the horses but alot of the grooming stuff is being repurposed...:D.
Duct tape will also bring hair off cages...make a lint roller out of it by pulling a hank of tape off and wrapping it backward (sticky side out) back around the roll or around your pulls all the loose angora fluff off the walls and corners of my cages without alot of work for me. We use it about once a week.
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