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Rather gross....

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So was on kijiji the other day. Noted an large breed rabbits.

Checked it out. Found out it was the lady I regretted doing a trade on bunnies with last spring. Found out she's added angoras and large meat rabbits to her inventory. I warned my was rather icky that last time I was there so dress down and sloppy. Dressed the boy the same.

It was WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could it have gotten worse?

rabbits not up on levels. empty feeders.
Rabbits on the ground. Sitting in their own filth. Rabbits running loose. The "good" does were well cared for. had babies. under shelter well provided for. everyone else...eek...NOT a good scene.

I took away 26 rabbits. after I sorted through them...was left with 5. Very nice rabbits those 5 were...but the rest were a mixed assortment of sad to okay. I'm glad that they are NOT going back there.

they live an hour away. So I'm not going back to clean things up for them. Their whole place is just a mess with critters roaming free everywhere. The escapee bunnies looked really good. taking care of those bunnies would make a bare dent in the mess around that place.

Now that they have less bunnies the hope is that what is left will get put into the empty cages that are up on stilts and put into the barn that they have. Hopefully....
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we're talking 80 rabbits at least here. about half of those rabbits were in cages laying flat on the ground, outside, with a good inch of poop covering the bottoms of them. That's not a day getting away from you...that's at least three. And we've been having rainy weather lately.

I picked up one skin and bones rabbit that was just matted and covered, it had MAGGOTS! It was very clear which rabbits were receiving good care...the dwarfs and mini rexes (those are pet store sale bunnies). and every one else was on the ground receiving less than decent care.

Feeders of the "good rabbits" had pellets and full water dishes. Feeders of everyone else had no water, no feed or just scratch in the bottom. Some were covered for protection from the elements, others were not.

It wouldn't have taken much for the folks here to put those rabbits up on block. He had all kinds of scrap metal sitting around. Get the rabbits that aren't selling up off the ground, out of their own filth and then cover them with tin roofing or something.

These people know how to take care of bunnies...even in a minimalist situation...which is what they are... I Have NO PROBLEM with that. But the disparity that they showed in who got the good care....that was just ick. Meat rabbits, full grown, living in cages the size of a small dog kennel. Mini lops with barely any room to turn around. WHILE the dwarf and mini rexes had room to spare. It's like okay here folks...take care of those big rabbits as well. Angoras so knotted you wondered what was under all that fur. it was sad. I took what I could of them and left.
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ah but long as your bunnies LOOK good and also feel good to the touch. That's what matters to me. Not if the cages are spotless, not if the cages are put together well, but are you doing the best you can by all that you have? yes...the litter box would have grossed me out...but then ... I would have had to see it!

I'm not the most observant person in the world...but somethings just kinda slam you upside the head. And if they hit guess based on my hubby's that it was even worse than I thought it was (He's the sort who sees everything).

An inspector I am not! :)
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