Raspberry mead help

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by Radams1265, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Radams1265

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    Mar 2, 2016
    So I made my first batch of mead about 4 months ago. Beginning of November.
    I used frozen raspberries and about 2 lbs of honey in a gallon of distilled water. I used D47 yeast. I put the gallon of mixture in a sink in my laundry room with the airlock through the cap of water.

    4 months later after forgetting about It I have this...
    Is it safe to drink? Should I bottle the rest or just throw the whole batch out and start another. What should I have done different. It smells like alcohol. Does not taste horrible I tasted a little bit. But the floating what’s left of raspberry has me put off and I’m asking for help. IMG_0824.jpg
    IMG_0825.jpg IMG_0827.jpg
  2. Rosie Goodwin

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    Mar 4, 2018
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    The raspberries lose all the color, and are a bit off putting. Separate the fluid from any floating material, making sure that you're putting it into clean and sanitized bottles. It will likely need to sit for another month to let other solids settle out. Then you will probably want to put back sugar and potassium sorbate (so that the yeast doesn't reactivate when you add the sugar).4 months isn't too long: I just brought up a mead that I started in 2014!

  3. HeavyHauler

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Rack it off of the fruit, also use a nylon mesh bag next time to make cleaning up/racking easier.

    It's fine to drink the way it is, did you measure the starting gravity/abv?

    Rack it, then let it sit somewhere cool for a few months, rack it off of the lees and do that every few months until it clears up.