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Discussion in 'Goats' started by Croenan, May 29, 2006.

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    I was wondering if goats could get mange, like dogs? My friend has a doe (that I had given to her about 3 months ago) that has a bad rash/hair loss thing going on, around her legs. She didn't have it when she was mine.

    My husband said that her feet felt scaley-but she doesn't have hoof rot. He said it felt like mange, I am wondering if it could be lice or maybe even poison ivy. She itches at it and ends up opening it up and it it making her skin very red. (I also noticed that she is digging a hole in the ground in which she is laying)

    Is there anything obvious that i am missing and any ideas on how to treat stuff? Like if its poison ivy, how do you treat that? None of the 2 other goats in her particular pen have the same thing and she isn't showing any real signs of illness except that I noticed she isn't as robust as she used to be. Any balms I can put on her skin to give her itch relief?
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    Sounds like lice. Have had a couple break out right above their hooves. Is it a red, scaly, itchy, hair-coming-off kind of thing?
    I use Sevin dust from the garden to fix that. Sprinkle on the afflicted areas twice a day and you should see improvement in a couple of days.

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    IF goats can handle it safely-- Ivomec is good for killing all kinds of bloodsuckers-- one can even take the injectable cattle or swine doses, mix into a lotion of some sort, and apply topically to the areaThat way, even the lice that feed on dander type materials will get a dose of it a lot sooner, and the skin can get soothed by the "lotion"-- I like to mix it in the contents of a vitamin E capsule---