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1. 3 pieces is not a HUGE lot, by my definition

2. TyPinG lIKe ThiS SimPlY AnNoys Me and does not make me want to buy your stuff

3. Do they no longer make little boy jeans - seems most things were sweat pants

4. The new definition of "gently used" apparently now means small stains, tears, and broken zippers

5. Does putting a low opening bid and charging $50 shipping really fool anyone?

6. Boys clothes are getting as tasteless as girls clothing has been for awhile

7. Some people think their stained clothing is worth more than brand new clothing

8. You can label it boys clothing all you want, but if it has flowers or is pink my boys won't wear it

9. I need more thrift stores near by

10. Anyone got typical boys fall and winter clothing for sale in sizes 2, 3, or 4 T?

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Ah, it's funny because it's true. Can't speak specifically to boys' clothing, but that stuff applies to a lot of other items. I can't stand it when someone has an item that looks like a really reasonable price, and then you find out that the shipping is about ten times what the actual item costs. Come on, people, no one's that stupid.

As for the clothes, have you checked someplace like Freecycle? They might have someone looking to offload stuff their kids have grown out of.
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