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Rams' Eye

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I noticed today that one of my rams eyes looks off. It has a milky or hazy look forming in the corner. Is something to be concerned about? -- Greg
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It is probably an infection (how old is the ram?) I treat eye infections with tetracycline injections IM into the neck.
The Ram is about 21/2 years old. Is there a way that I can know for sure what it is? Is it ok to treat even if it is not infection? Greg
Every injection carries some risk but tetracycline in general is not a problem if it's not an infection. In a younger animal like your's I'd be more certain it is an infection rather than a catyract (sp?) You're best advice always comes from a vet second from and experienced person who can see it, and third or even further down the list from the internet where we can't see it. Pipestone vet offers a free telephone help line phone number for a phone consultation. ( it's in the sheep basics post)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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