Raising Hogs on Barley Fodder

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    Apr 22, 2011
    I am just reaching the end of raising my first batch of hogs on fodder and some grain. I had six of them, but have already butchered 2 of them. The meat quality is superb. I sold a 3# Sirloin roast to the owner of a local organic market and he said it was the best roast he has ever had. He asked me what type of heritage breed the meat came from. I chuckled and said it wasn't a heritage breed, but rather a typical commercial cross from a confinement operation. I had gotten the piglets when they were @ 40 pounds and fed them an organic feed ration I ground/mixed myself and fodder. They did take longer to reach market weight than they would have on grain alone, but I think the extra 2 months was well worth it. He liked them so much that he has offered to buy anything I have to sell and offered me a premium price.

    Moving forward, I want to create grain based rations that better compliment the fodder. I think I need to offer them a higher protein feed but in smaller amounts. All in all, I am glad I purchased a large fodder system, as it has opened the door for me getting a premium price for the animals that are consuming it.
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