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Sorry, I should have posted this sooner because it needs to be made a day ahead. Great for the kids to make!

Arrange 6-8 boxes of jello in nice color arangement.

Mix 1 box with 1 c boiling water. Divide in 1/2. Into the first 1/2 add 4T ice water. Stir and pour into pan. Because this will be so colorful, I like to use a clear baking dish. Refrigerate until just set. To other 1/2 whisk in 1/4 c sour cream. Pour on top of first layer. Refrigerate until set. Repeat with other jellos. Do not let dry-out in between layers or layers will seperate.

Jello brand now makes grape and berry blue and cranberry is available at holiday time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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