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    Been raising rabbits for about 30 years now but mostly show/4H/personal satisfaction...probably cause I have always wanted a homestead with acreage out in the country...and rabbits were "acceptable" in the suburbs...even if you had an acre of land...

    Well a few years ago my wife, kids(5) and I obtained our dream and we now have our homestead (3 acres, pond, barn, etc.).

    With that comes new goals and friends which recently I have begun looking at rabbits as a food source, along with our pigs, chickens, and steers. Previously I would eat rabbit on rare occasion, rabbit shows usually, as it usually was not "available" even though there were rabbits in the garage.

    Anyways some of our new friends have gotten into rabbits which I have shared with them my trials and tribulations with rabbits including a cookbook I purchased from the ARBA when I was about 14. (29 years ago now). This book/binder contains many recipes and has the ARBA logo and many of the pages have the pictures of cartoon rabbits on them...a 1950's style like feel I guess you would say.... I was looking to purchase this same book for my friends as a gift but upon looking for it on the ARBA site it looks like they now have a "The Complete Domestic Rabbit Cook Book: 1001 Ways To Cook Rabbit."

    So are the books comparable...anyone have both books?

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    I do not have those books, but rabbit meat can replace any dish that calls for chicken---like a Chicken salad sandwich---instead a rabbit salad sandwich. Fried--if its young enough, sausage, etc, etc. I never had a Book.

    Edited to add---chicken casserole(rabbit casserole) Chicken pot pie(rabbit pot pie) Chicken stew(rabbit stew). etc, etc, etc.
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