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I have seen a few, I doubt it would be much different than a A frame for living in,

the curved side walls I would think would be a pain the lower end,

there are the modified units with straight walls up to about 6 foot,

I think if your starting from scratch one would do better with a pole barn or a plane stick built unit,

by the time one either add the framing on the inside, to support the walls and insulate wire and plumb the unit, you will end up spending as much most likely as if you just stick build from the start,

many old Quonset hut type buildings that were used for farm shops leak a lot, (not enough to hurt for a shop but would be a pain for a house),

some of the university have plans on how to build your own hut from scratch, I think mid west drew them up,
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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