Quick! I need new chick help!

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  1. I just picked up my new batch of chicks (25) from the post office. Everything is going great -- food, water, temperature. I dipped each chicks' beak in the water, they're eating. I'm watching them like a mother hen. Every so often one or two chicks will sit down and look like they want to go to sleep. I'll pick them up, dip their beak in the water, and they'll be all peppy again. Is this normal? Do they need to sleep? I'm worried. It's not the same chick everytime. Do I need to just leave them alone? I know I may loose some, but just don't know if this is common behavior or are they dying. They seem fine when I pick them up. What should I do? This is Leigha. I can't seem to log in.
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    I was worried too when I got my very first chicks in March - they are fine. :) I was sure they were dead but they always perked right up and now they are running all over the place, didn't lose a one of them! I guess it's just the way they sleep and it does make sense, they have had a pretty tough life up to this point! Good Luck!


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    They do look like they're dying when they start nodding off to sleep. They're just like human babies. Peppy one minute and asleep like logs the next. Just let them be; they've had a long trip and they're probably exhausted.
    Wait until you catch some of them asleep on their sides half buried in shavings. Then you'll really think they're dead.
    You're doing fine. Deep breath. :D
  4. You would be lively too if someone picked you up out of bed when you were sound asleep. Let 'em sleep, they are growing babies and need their rest from time to time. Just admire the sleeping babies.

    Don't make their shavings so deep that the others scratching around will bury the sleeping babies and smother them in their sleep.
  5. Wheww, thanks y'all. That makes me feel much better. I'm so happy. The kids just got up, and we've been out watching them, and naming them, how funny. Thanks again. Leigha.