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Discussion in 'Goats' started by Al. Countryboy, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Al. Countryboy

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    Oct 2, 2004
    My doe that went into labor Monday night was having problems that I posted about a couple days earlier. She seemed to gain losts of weight in just a matter of 4 or 5 days. She was complaining about her feed and not eating it all. She was peeing only small amounts which seemed comon the last few days before delivery, but the last couple days this pee was very dark in color and her due date was in three weeks. Didn't think this was normal. Her udder seemed to fill up faster than normal. Her labor was off. Very sporatic. Finally when her water broke after about 8 hours of mild off and on labor, she had so much fluid. This was way more than normal and looked like she had just kidded. Well she practially had. One small buck that was dead and three weeks early.
    My questions are. Without a doupt this was fluid building up the last few days. Was this caused from a dead kid inside? I have seen a doe deliver two healthy kids and one momified kid and she seemed ok. Some type of toxins from the dead kid could have caused this fluid build up? It was not decomposed but could have been dead a short time. The kid did not smell. Could this be why her pee was so dark? Any ideas?
    The only vet. that is willing to even see a goat in my area, but no expert did take her and let me stay in a help. I held the gas mask, helped move her to ex-ray for small animals, which had to be adjusted a number of times for a 150 lb. goat. Watched him go in and deliver the kid. Only one, very unusual for her. The kid was backwards.Over all, he did the best he knew.
    Today she was able to walk down in the pasture and eat some, ate very little gain at feeding, but while others were eating their grain, we went into my yard and along my drive. She ate a good bit of bambo leaves, ate my minature roses,lots of black berry leaves, ate fig twigs off my bush as big as a pencil. I feel that she was searching out things her body needed after she had been through so much. She was constantly looking and smelling different things before eating. Many things that she would normally eat, she passed up.
    I feel bad the my favorite doe lost her kid, thanks to many of you and others I know that they have had better over all care this year than before and not sure what went wrong, but I am glad that I did recognize there was a problem and got help. I don't know if Seba is out of the woods yet, but feel that I learned many things from a sad experence and hope some of this rambling might be of some help to others.
    Thanks for listening, and your thoughts of what might have been going on with her.
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    Oct 2, 2004
    :waa: {{{HUGGGSSSS}}} I'm sorry the both of you went through this. That is so sad. I would think there could have been so many reasons the baby died. Aborting it is the body's way of getting rid of something toxic. She could have just got whacked really hard by another goat maybe, too many guesses really. Just here for moral support.

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    Jun 7, 2002
    How's she doing today? Better I hope.
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    May 6, 2002
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    As much as we like to think we are in control of everything we are actually in control of little. And how many answers to questions contain waiting and watching? Most of them. And with this doe you will be doing the same thing. I would have her on banamine, you can give it twice a day by cutting the amount in half, but would not give it past day 6. I would also have her on pennicillin, and hopefully the vets last procedure was to flush her out with an antibitotic? But other than that you keep her milked, which will get her uterus back in tone, and keep her in milk as long as you can so she does not get fat being dry until next year. Does who have problems like this need to milk until they are very bred because it helps control their hormones.

    The extra fluid could have been from the calcium reserves she did not have, in fact most sluggish deliveries are speeded up like you wouldn't believe in older does by giving calcium...In this instance with the dead kid and the hypocalcemia she was having she was getting ketotic (lack of energy in her diet with her lack of eating grain) on you. It was lucky she went into labor, the bodies way of saving itself, because it is unlikely she would have made it 3 more weeks until delivery.

    Dead or mummified kids do not cause infection, it can cause a doe not to push adequately to get them out. One of my does had a normal doe kid born, and then just wasn't acting right, I went in and pulled 3 mummified kids, I flushed her with tetracycline, and put her on 5 days of pennicillin, she was also a doe who was left open and allowed to get fat at her privious owners house. Fat cells are sponges for estrogen, and too much estrogen makes for does who are hard to get bred, hard to hold the pregnancy and hard to get through the end of pregnancy with the kids alive. And even if you do trim them down, they always have all that fat inside their body cavity, pressing on their internal organs, pouring estrogen into the system and causeing us grief!

    Good luck with the doe, I would be taking her temp everyday that you can, it will be your first sign of problems. I would have given her CMPK for several days after the delivery. Vicki
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    May 1, 2003
    Would giving a calcium pill daily before a doe's due date (in addition to the alfalfa pellets they're already getting) help with the contractions when the time comes?

    Just curious.

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