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question(s) about knitting cotton socks

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For our church fundraising auction, I donated a pair of hand-knit socks. The man who won the bid doesn't like wool, which is what I usually use, and has requested lightweight green socks made out of cotton instead. I'm willing to accommodate him if I can. I wonder, though, will cotton yarn feel soft enough? Is it stretchy enough? Do I need to use a different pattern from my basic wool sock pattern? Does anyone have a men's sock pattern that they think is great?

What do you knitters think?
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The only thing that 'works' for cotton, if you can find it fine enough is the anklet type of sock... footies if you will...

Has the gentleman ever tried handknit wool socks?

And Lion brand has an acrylic sock yarn that isn't spectacular but might work in this case and is rather inexpensive.

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