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    I have a black NZ doe who is quite a large gal. We've put her with the buck twice now and she runs around, screaming every time. He won't let him near her. We left them together for several days even and although she did calm down and accept his companionship, I don't think she ever let him breed. At least, if he did, she's never had babies that I'm aware of. (We got her as an adult from an Amish man)

    My question is, as big as she is (9.6 lbs), and as old as she is, if she were a he, would it not be obvious? I mean, there are no boy bunny parts that I can see, and on all our other boys it's been very obvious, and she and the buck don't ever fight, however, she stomps and stamps her feet loudly the way our buck does. She does this all the time. She's the only doe we have who does this. And how many times do you try to breed before you give up as being a barren doe? She's a beauty and we'd love babies from her, but it doesn't look like its going to happen.:confused:
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    Telling at that age is No problem. Do not be shy. Get someone to hold them and inspect. If you need to----look up some pictures on line. My very first two I got in 1977----sex change fairy came and changed my Male into a female--- 1 female + 1 female= 2 females which equal no babies----LOL.
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    After you have confirmed the sex of BOTH rabbits, then I guess you could try try the trick of swapping cages with them for a few days. Of couse you still take her to his cage (which would be his former cage at that point).

    Have you seen the buck even try to mount her? If so then maybe you could hold her for him and force breed her....
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    Jul 9, 2013
    I ran into this same problem recently. I was trying ever day for about two weeks, switching cages, switching bucks, nothing. I stopped for a couple of weeks, then tried again. bingo, she's the proud mamma of 9 kits.

    Not sure I really did anything other than not give up. So all I can say is keep trying different tactics, take a break, chances are one will work sooner or later.
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    At over 9 pounds, it should be obvious if she's a he. The "thumping" is just her way to let you know that she's alarmed about something. How old is she?

    Sometimes, when it's a doe's first time, I have to hold them down and give the buck a chance to mount. Usually, the doe begins to get the idea and will actually "lift" for the buck. Depending on the doe, you may only have to get involved once or twice before Nature takes over and your help is no longer needed.

    I'd keep trying for another month or two, but if you really want some babies, you need a doe that will give you some.
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    For the runners, I usually cover their eyes and pin down shoulders for reluctant ones. This calms them and usually when they feel the.buck, they'll lift. If not, I force breed.
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    Do you know how old she is? Could she be too old? Do you have another buck you could try, or do you have a friend or neighbor you trust that might let you use the services of their buck? I only ask because I have a doe that didn't want anything to do with either of my usual bucks yesterday, but she was MORE than happy to get aquainted with a younger buck she had never met before.