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  1. My Jersey Dorsey freshened May 17. I bought her and brought her home June 10. According to the former owners records and my records she has given 39 to 43 pounds of milk everyday until about a week ago; when she abruptly dropped by around 8 pounds of milk per day. She has been holding steady at that level.

    I have not changed the type or amount of her dairy feed.
    She has free access to pasture and hay.
    I still milk within five minutes of our 12 hour schedule.

    The only change is opening a section of pasture more than 3/8 of a mile from the barn and water.

    What's up?

    Haggis @ Wolf Cairn Moor
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    Well, I dunno if I'm an expert :eek: ...

    Cows' peak production is in the first 60 days of their lactation. After that, it begins to drop off a bit.

    If she has to walk farther back and forth to get food and water, I'd think that could impact her production (I work in a commercial dairy, so I'm not too sure about this.)

    Also, did she go into heat about 8 days ago? (Do you know how to detect her heat cycles?) Some cows fall off quite dramatically when they're in heat, although I'd have thought she'd have returned to normal by now.

    Just some ideas!

  3. Her last heat was 20 days ago today and she gave 41.39 lbs. that day.

    This morning she gave a touch over 15 lbs., but then evenings are her strongest.
    If she didn't "take" during her last heat she should be in again tomorrow. I have an American Milking Devon bull running in with my little herd whose antics keep me informed as to when these things are coming to pass.

    Maybe I need to take a watertank to the back 60?

    I have given some thought to the Buttercups growing in my pastures. The cattle avoid them like the plague but they could pick up a few at night by mistake. I know they are mildly poisonous and result in lowered milk production, but she has been around them all this while with no ill effect.

    Thanks for the thoughts though.

    Haggis @ Wolf Cairn Moor
  4. Ol' Dorsey gave 20.43 pounds of milk this evening, but I still cannot get a grip on what's going on with these fluctuations.

    Best her old heart, she's doing well and I'm probably just worrying about nothing. She does have a quarter that can't be milked; she stepped on a tit and ruined it, now it has too small an opening to allow more than a drop or two at a time to be squeazed out.

    Haggis @ Wolf Cairn Moor