Question for anyone...trouble with a pig! PICTURES

Discussion in 'Pigs' started by ONThorsegirl, Oct 10, 2006.

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    We have 4 pigs, we are raising for meat. We have raised and bred pigs several times before but these guys are making us wonder a little bit. We have 3 pigs growing good, they are doing really well. We have them on Hog Grower Pellets, as much as they will eat.

    We bought them at a salebarn a little while ago, sorry I don't have the date. They have been growing good, we got them casterated, the vet was out for vaccinating, and casterating calves so we got him to do the pigs, he cut them and they did alright but then the swelling came. They swelled up pretty good. The pigs were outside running around for a day we brought them back in the barn to their pen. Teh little red pig, the one with the problems, hurt his knee some how outside for the day. After this one of the pigs never seemed to catch up, he was eatting and drinking but never gained weight and then became thin and boney, we figured he wasn't going to make it.

    He continued eatting and drinking, the pigs are cleaned out every week, clean bedding, water and food trough are cleaned. We wormed them with Safe Guard Crumbles 2 weeks ago, no change and no sign of worms, we thought the little red pig was like this maybe he was infested with worms.

    The only conclusion we can come up to is that he got an infection from the casteration which sent him down hill, but he also hurt his knew, its no swollen and still tender but doesn't seem to be much of a problem.

    What do you all think could be the problem? I have attached a picture of these guys acouple weeks ago. The pigs are very lively, they come to us for treats and will freely eat them from our hands, They are let ouside to roam our corral every week while I clean the pen.


    Sorry the pictures are kind of small if you would like them to be bigger so you can see just let me know.
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    I second the idea of the injectable ivermenctin, the pelleted wormer is not very reliable.
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    Sounds like a navel infection (yes, they can show up in a knee). I dealt with the same thing this year. I gave him 5 cc of Penicillin and it cleared right up. Just don't slaughter for 30 days.