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    Mar 3, 2005
    I am reading Storeys guide to raising rabbits and this book says to start with purebred rabbits with a pedigree and better yet registered. My question is if you buy a rabbit that has a pedigree but is not registered can you get the rabbit registered. Can you take it and have the ARBA registrar examine it or does the rabbit have to come from registered stock and then be examined? thanks for your help!
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    Jun 18, 2002
    First off, please understand that the author of that book, Bob Bennett, is not a meat rabbit breeder... he raises Tans, which are strictly for show purposes. Yes, it can be advantageous for show breeders to have their rabbits registered, but it is not for the meat breeder. In fact, pedigrees are not necessary for raising meat rabbits, but can be used for information purposes to avoid inbreeding.

    A pedigree is a geneology of at least 3 generations which produced the rabbit in question. Anyone can produce a pedigree. A registration, however, is quite different, wherein the rabbit *must* have a full pedigree, conform to the ARBA Standard of Perfection with no disqualifications or major faults, *must* be at least six months of age and be of the minimum weight required for its age, and the owner *must* be a current, paid member of the ARBA. Only a trained, licensed Rabbit Registrar may register rabbits.

    The Rabbit Registrar will weigh the rabbit, look it over and examine the pedigree before registering it. You also have to show your current ARBA membership card. If the rabbit is registered, you pay the Registrar $4.00. The rabbit does not have to come from registered stock, so long as it is purebred and has a full pedigree. Only registered rabbits may qualify for Grand Champion status. Many breeders never bother with registrations.

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