Question about making pork sausage?

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  1. For making breadfast sausage at what ratio of meat to fat should I use? I have eaten some good quality sausage that seem to have a higher meat to fat ratio but not sure just how much. I've also had some sausage that seem to be a higher fat to meat ration and it would shrink up to almost nothing. Through my little food business I can order what is called 50/50 pork trimmings that come in 20 lb. boxes at about 40 cents a pound. So I'm wondering if a 50/50 ratio would make good breakfast sausage or will it be too much fat? During my deer processing venture I was mixing 2 parts venison to 1 part pork fat. With this ratio it wasn't anywhere near as fatty as the top brand in the grocery store.

    I'm thinking that if I can buy it for .40 per pound and add something like .10 per pound of seasonings then that would make very inexpensive bulk sausage.
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    Dec 19, 2002
    For 8 bucks try a box and see, but I would say that 50% would be on the fat side! What you use as the fat makes all the diferance. The jowls and trim from the sides mixed with yor sausage meat before grinding makes sausage to die for :D If you have to go one way or the other go with more fat as there is nothing worse than dry hard sausage. The ratio is hard to say as I always just eyeball the mix and experiance tells me what it looks like.
    Mr Wanda

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    Nov 18, 2004
    You don't need as much fat for pork as you do venison. Deer meat is so much leaner. The recipes I have generally call for a 3:1 ratio of pork to fat. Hope that helps you out some.
  4. Thanks Kellkell and Mr. Wanda. That is what I'm worried about is too much fat since the muscle tissue of pork already has a lot of fat in it. I guess I could do as Mr. W. suggested and go from there. However if I have to buy extra pork to add to the mixture that will drive the cost up maybe considerably.

    The reasons for asking these questions is that in our little business we sell biscuits and gravy for breakfast. If I could come up with my own specialty sausage to serve maybe it will draw more customers in. I am also considering making hot links to sell also as well as polish sausage.

    Thanks for your replies.
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    It's customary to use 50% fat back to 50% lean pork, so that 50/50 trimmings package would be perfect, provided the meat portion of it isn't heavily marbled. If it is, you can cut in lean pork (no fat at all) to reduce the ratio.

    Venison sausage needs at least 50% fat.