Question about feeding hay to rabbits?

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  1. I was reading in my new Countryside magazine about a person who would feed hay to their rabbits. They stated any hay would do so long as it is clean. I never thought about feeding any kind of hay to them. Does that mean any pasture hay usually bailed for cattle can also be used for rabbits? It has been several years since I have raised any rabbits but I always fed mine alfalfa hay. I thought it was the only kind you could feed rabbits.

    Also, out back in my junk pile I had a old window that had fallen over and laying on the ground. The other day I noticed that there was plenty of green grass and weeds growing under it inspite of everything else around it being dead. So it got me to wondering why couldn't rabbit raisers grow green feed all winter long underneath some kind of a hoop tunnels with clear plastic over it? Plants greens to feed the rabbits. Wouldn't that help out on the feed bill during the winter months?
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    I feed grass hay, weeds and leaves. I am trying to get organized to where I can grow all the feed I need. The store bought feed may be ok for raising kits to butcher weight but it ain't gettin' it done for my Adult Flemish Giants,

    I have had set backs as the goats break fences that have to be improved [not just fixed] so the money gets tight for gear to winter grow veggies, but I really think I will have green food growing for next winter.

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    I use a grass hay [timothy mix] for the rabbits. Alfafa is hard to get and more expensive. What I do is free choice feed my rabbits pellets [they are on an intensive breed back schedule] and put hay on top of the cages. This adds fiber as well as gives them something to do buy pulling the hay of the tops of the cages. Some growers will tell you that by adding hay it actually takes longer to grow out a fryer but I have not seen that to be the case.

    Greens in small quanities probably would not be an issue but I would start very slowly and would not use it as a complete source of feed.

    In order to keep feed prices down you must be able to buy in bulk, minimum 1 ton at a time. If you can not use that much feed with in a couple months then try to locate other growers to split the bill. My experience is that you need a commercial rabbit pellet if you are raising rabbits on a commercial scale.
    I have done a lot of experiminting with other feeds [grains mostly] and the does do not do as well nor fryers. A good quality pellet will do very welling mainting condition in your herd.

    I would not recomend free choice feeding if does are not on a consistent breed abck schedule as they will get to fat and will not concieve.
  4. Would not recommend free choice feeding if does are not on a consistant breed back schedule as they will get too fat and not conceive. :(

    I think this is what my problem may have been the last time I did raise rabbits. Out of 4 does and 2 bucks that I had, only one doe ever delivered young ones (all died) and then I never could get another batch going. I ended up giving up and selling my stock off.