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I am posting this for a friend(HT member) who has trouble posting on here for some reason. These are nice if your looking for Alpines, contact Doreen!



We have to sell the following goats as soon as possible. There are a few that we might be able to deal on, but honestly the prices we are asking for the performance and genetics behind most of these goats is already too cheap. We just find ourselves in the position of needing to cut down and tighten our family focus in a few other areas. If you are interested in does in milk, please don't hesitate as we will need to be drying does off simply to lighten the workload here. Currently we are milking twice a day every day and we need to cut down to once per day within a month. We are located near Mountain Grove, Missouri. Please email with any questions or for pictures.

The first kid for sale is Quasar, a buckling, out of Pepsi and Radar: For sale $225

Dam is Bright and Beautiful PHZ Pepsi pic

Pepsi milked 14# for a stretch last lactation. We just did a star test on her so she should be 9* milker now. Her dam had the barn milk record of 20# in one day. AND Pepsi looks good to boot! Quasar is ADGA registerable as a Purebred Alpine. He is sundgau.

The second is Kahlua, Doeling: $150

Dam: Purgoatory's Skate and Sire: Willow Run Catalyst Radar (see below) Skate is a super milker. She builds up a little slower than most, but has great eveness in her lactation and superior lactation length. We milked Skate for 2 1/2 years on one lactation and although her 10 to 11 lb average didn't hold up more than 2 years, she was averaging 7# near the end of that lactation. I expect Kahlua to be an excellent producer and very healthy. Kahlua is a chocolate doe with white face stripes like the 25% Togg that she is, although she could throw any color combination herself. Her dam was only sick once for a single day in her life and she is seven years old. We have twin daughters out of Skate from last year, which is why Kahlua is for sale.

First freshener Milkers…….

Diligence Lyric

Lyric is out of Forrest Pride Robin's Song (, Senior Doe Page) and Western Pearl PVPL Ransom. She is a snowbird two tone chamoisee with a very nice udder, nice top line, good head set, and generally pleasing conformation overall. She is currently registered with the IDGR, but may be registered ADGA. She is milking 7-8 pounds, and has nice teats for hand milking. We have a carbon copy twin sister and her dam, so we will be letting Lyric go. She has good manners on the stand and is quiet and a joy to work with…..$250

Diligence Leila

Leila is out of Pepsi and Lander. She is really putting out the milk and has a butter soft udder. She has really good spring and good conformation. She is milking about 9# in her first lactation here and is well behaved and easy to milk. We did a star test on her dam a little bit ago, so she should be out of a 9* milker and completely capable of earning her own star. We just need to cut down on goats, so Leila needs to go to a good home. Currently she is registered with IDGR, but she may be registered with ADGA as an American Alpine. If you want milk, Leila has it. $250


Spooky is a full blood Alpine, but we don't have papers for her. She was a rescue doe last year from a rough situation and had freshened before she was eighty pounds. She has recovered well. Spooky is very nicely put together and well trained to the stand. She freshened in April and is milking 6-7 pounds per day with a really nice high and tight udder. I really treat this as her first lactation. She is now 115 pounds and really a good looking doe. She's very well behaved, with good manners on the stand and steady production. She would make a great family milker. We need $125 for Spooky.


Aida is a full blood Alpine who was a rescue doeling last year. Although I know her lineage she is not papered. She has a totally botched disbudding job, but after fly season, she may be banded to remove her problem. She is out of a dam who milks an average of 9-11 pounds, and is a fawn chamoisee. Aida is ready to be bred, and should be a good producer. She's a very nice looking doe if you don't look at the scurs. She is friendly and a nice doe. We'd like $100 for Aida and will include breeding for her this fall.

Diligence Haiku and Diligence Delta

These two dry yearlings were late babies last year. They are out of full Alpine dams and our buck Willow Run Sumo Tierro Lander. They are ready to breed now and can be ADGA registered as 50% and NOA. They will make really good family milkers. I would like to see them go together as they are buddies. $125 each on these girls…They were raised by me on CAE prevention as well. There dams were sisters and both milked over 8# on their first lactation.

Diligence Charm

Charm is a June 4th doeling out of Leila and Ransom. She is a snowbird chamoisee and the last kidding of the season here. She is eating very well and is a good looking doeling. I expect her to be quite a good milker and will let her go for $100 if she goes to her new home soon.

Diligence Remedy

Remmy is out of Lyric's twin sister Rhyme. She is sired by MayDay listed below. Remmy is a broken red chamoisee with great angulation and nice level topline. She was born on April 18th and is growing quite well and is a nice looking doeling. I expect her to be a very good milker and she is gentle. We need $125 for Remedy.

Buck for Sale:

MayDay is registered with IDGR….may be registered with ADGA. His dam milked steadily over nine pounds on her first lactation. We bred MayDay to several does last year and the kids he threw have good conformation. He would be good to bring milk and teat length into a herd. He is extremely gentle and a pleasure to work with. He has been raised on CAE prevention here and would be a good buck for anyone with children or physical limitations as he is so gentle. I will include application for ADGA with MayDay. We need $150 for him.

All kids are raised on cae prevention and handled quite a bit. They are friendly and healthy.

These are all the bucks we used last year. Links to pedigrees and pics follow the buck's name.
Willow Run Sumo Tierro Lander

Western Pearl PVPL Ransom

Erdman's Diligence MayDay



Willow Run Catalyst Radar:

Thank you!!!!

Doreen Hannes [email protected]

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