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Pulled my first lamb

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Two actually. I have been at this since 2016. In that time I have had two sets of triplets, until this year. We have had four out of 20 lambs deliver, two sets of twins, and two of triplets.

The first lamb today self delivered. I could tell the ewe was not done. The first baby was clean and dry and hopping around, walking fine. Not sure how old it was, but it had been out for a few hours.

# 2 was breech, with all four legs trying to come out. I could not find a picture exactly as it was presented. I pushed the front legs back in as much as I could and pulled the back out. Not an easy pull. I hope I did not break a leg or pull anything out of place. The third one came out easy, head first. It is walking around fine. The jury is still out on #2. It is fine, alert and trying to stand, but it has not as of yet. It has been out for about an hour.

Nose Head Hand Arm Eye

The back two legs were out and the lamb was hunched with the front two legs trying to come out too.

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Great outcome!
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