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PTO Spreader

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Being limited in my knowledge in tractors and implements;
is there such a thing as a pto driven 3 pt hitch fertilizer spreader?
Thanks in advance.
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rambler said:
Yup, Herd is a good name, there are many other companies that import an Italian model & slap their name on it. (I just got one at a consignment auction, hope to use it this coming week.....) If you go to the Worksaver web page you can find an on-line manual, get an idea of what they will do.

Most are in the 500 lb size, and will spread many small seeds, as well as some spreading fertilizer & lime. You are money ahead to get a model with an agitator to keep the fertilizer flowing if that is the bulk of your work. Fert & especially lime like to 'bridge' over the openning & stop flowing.
If you need bigger, there are pto powered trailers that han handle up to several tons of fertilizer. Let us know what scale you are looking for. :)

Paul, you're not talking about the little propeller-like agitator that spins just above the opening are you - cause what you say about clogging happens very fast in both lime and even slightly humid fertilizer.

Is there some additional agitator that will let me spread ag lime from a 500lb cone type (Italian) spreader?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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