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I would like to say thank you to all of you who have said prayers and have been nothing but OVER generous to others on this board!

This board has proven to me, that ALOT of the people mean well and go above and beyond what they do to give a helping hand to others in need!

I am also humbled by the pouring out of generosity, no matter how small or large to become a small nit "FAMILY" on "vitural world" as well in a human "heart to heart" kind of way!

MY family has been blessed by many on this "FAMILY" and truley honestly are humbled and will be offering our hearts out to help others whom need help (in the near future)

I LOVE the Pay it forward Idea, and plan as well to continue with the kind generosity!!!

THANK YOU TO YOU ALL and for being ON this board, and for the MOD's who keep us running as smoothly as possible (FOR FREE!)

HUMBLY yours

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