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I had a service man out but he’s keeps saying it is the thermostat. I hot wired the thermostat and the Furnace still don’t work, don’t want the service man to come back out since he seams incompetent.

The symptoms are:
the Furnace will light and run for a few seconds.
It is a three year old high efficiency Furnace.
The indicator lights say the Furnace is good.
I teed into the propane line just before the furnace, shut off the furnace, hooked up a portable blue flame heater, had the same results.
The gas gas stove in the kitchen works fine, will run all four burners at once.
The tanks is 50%full.
The system has two regulator one on the tank and one outside the house.
Some times the furnace will run like it is supposed to.
The colder it gets outside the less the furnace functions properly.

I am thinking it has to be a regulator problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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I reset both propane regulators by turning a burner on the stove, **** off the valve on the propane tank, go back in the house to shut the stove knob off as the flame has burnt itself out. Go back out to the tank, SLOWLY turn it back on.

The furnace ran good for about 10 minuets then states giving fault codes. After the first ten minute run it would only fire for about a minute then give a different fault code. It would turn the electric switch to the furnace off for a minute then back on. The burner would light for minute then die. On all it gave four different fault codes.
Then I reset the regulators again, this time I put the cover back on the furnace, it has been running good since. Note: the cover didn’t not have a switch telling the furnace it was in place.

My thought is; the furnace didn’t draft right with the cover off. Temps outside have been mild since I last had trouble. The next cold snap ( sun zero) will be the test.

Also the 4 burners on the kitchen stove burn way more propane than the 3 little burners on the furnace.

Also, the line from the last regulator (1/3 psi) is piped through the unheeted attic.

I will keep you posted.
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