Produce Auction? - Middlefield, Oh

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    Jul 16, 2006
    I am curious as to whether anyone has gone to a produce auction before? There is one approximately 60 miles from me in Middlefield, Ohio. They run the produce auctions three times a week and the description reads for wholesalers, stores, and canners. I'm not wanting to invest the time and mileage if the prices aren't great or if I have to purchase enormous quanities. Does anyone have experience with these?
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    Apr 9, 2003
    A woods in Wisconsin
    I've been to the Produce Auctions in Leola, and Weaverland Valley, Penn......................

    AND we have one 8 miles from us, here in Wisconsin.

    Like any auction---its a matter of supply and demand.

    Those first early summer tomatoes might bring $40.oo a half bushel. This late in the season, you might find a half bushel of nice canners for $2.oo.

    I no longer plant beans for canning/freezing----because I can usually buy some at the market for a really good price. But like tomatoes----the price flucuates throughout the season.

    Buying in volume----------well...... that's the "manager's" decision.
    As they go down the pallets of produce-----he decides how it will be sold.
    Somtimes you need to take the whole pallet/cart.

    Sometimes if a cart holds several boxes (either half bushel or full bushel) he'll say "take one or more" or "take two or more".

    Who ever has the high bid---might take only one---and then others have the option to take some at the same price.
    Other times the high bidder will take "the whole cart"---and then the others will be wishing they had placed a higher bid.

    Sometimes if there is a HUGE volume of ---- lets say peaches-----he may say 'TAKE 2 OR MORE"---------and maybe 5 differnt people will each take 2 boxes-------------
    If many more boxes are remaining---they'll open the bid again---but this time it might be---take 10 or more.

    In this case the price usually drops considerably under the price of the 2 box bid.
    This is what I usually wait for---even tho I want only 2 boxes.

    The people buying for stores or their own markets usually will not share with any of the other buyers--------but often times------if someone gets a LARGE quanity------I'll ask them if they are willing to sell me a couple of boxes---and often times they will, so I get my 2 half bushel at the lower price.

    Or---after a couple visits to the market you make new friends who agree to join together------and let one do the bidding ---- for the larger volume----and then we divide it up.

    I love the Produce Auction.
    Its actually become somewhat of a social event!

    Ours was started by a cooperative of Mennonites who moved to our area from Penn.

  3. tallpines

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    Apr 9, 2003
    A woods in Wisconsin
    Well---I'm home from todays produce Auction.

    I bought four 1/2 bushel boxes of tomato canners for $5.oo a box.
    Not the price I was hoping for-----but now I can begin canning and won't need to think about making another trip there this week.

    You gotta consider the cost of the gas to drive yourself there and back.

    They, also, had New Haven cling-free peaches out of Pennslyvania.

    I know that they are good, flavorful peaches...and easy to work I was willing to pay a little bit higher price than usual.

    None the less I got together with 2 friends-----Paul wanted 2 boxes, Sharon wanted 2 boxes , and I wanted four of them. So we (maybe) got a little better price by buying the "stack of eight" crates.
    But we still paid $13.50 per crate.

    But..... that should be all I need for canning for this year-------and I got the variety I wanted.