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I recently castrated a 100 lb. hog. the first testacle came out fine....the other one did too and both looked fine. Then the sow that was with him got up on him and tried to ride he has a huge bulge of something pertruding out of one of the cuts. Any idea what could have happened and what do I do now? Thanks.....Jerry

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Sounds like a hernia.

When you say that something is bulging out, do you mean that part of his innards is sticking out???? Ot that there is a bulge under the skin???????

I helped castrate once. The piglets were a week old. One person held the piglet by the back legs while the other person did the deed.

If you were able to do a 100 pounder, I salute you!!!!!!!!

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Hernias can happen after castration even without a cut pig being ridden. Sometimes it happens right when you're cutting them.

You gotta act quick when that happens. If you have some hog rings and a hog ringer, you can shove the guts back in and staple the cut shut. That usually works. Or, you could call the vet and have come out and put the guts back in and sew him up.

I wouldn't let him walk around like that. He could more than likely end up a dead pig.

I'm sure that most people probably think 100 lbs. is too big to cut a pig, but that's not so. I've cut 300 lb. boars, but they get set back more the bigger they are when you cut them. We used to wait until the pigs were about 120 lbs. to cut them, then we started cutting 'em at about 80 lbs. and we finally wised up and started cutting them around 4 weeks, before they were weaned. It's a lot easier. We'd put a piece of plywood on top of the farrowing crate and set him on that plywood on his side. Your catcher would hold the pig's up hind leg with one hand and can take the other to hold his front shoulder and hold his mouth shut, so you don't hear squealing all day long. Cutting pigs is actually easier than most people think; my Dad cut 5 Hamp boars (60 lbs.) blindfolded on a bet from a Moormans feed salesman that was at our place. Took him a little over two minutes, as there were two of us catching . With the bigger boars, you put em on their side on the ground and hold their hind legs with hand and put your knee on their front shoulder. For the big boars, we had a catch crate and cut em standing up. If they tried to back up, a cable loop in front of their hind legs would lift em up.

Let us know how this pig does, but I'd try to get him sewn up quick.
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