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Like the poster above said, you don't have a fast enough connect speed. It's like trying to suck soda through a tiny cocktail straw. It just flows way too slowly.

But if you let the video continue, at the completion of the stop/start/jerkiness action then the video will be completely loaded onto your computer. At that time (it may take a while, like 10-15 minutes, to finish), you can click the "Youtube Replay" of the video and then you can view it in a "normal fashion", without the jerkiness.

The browser saves downloaded stuff in an area, sometimes called "cache" or "Temporary Internet Files". If this "area's size" setting is too small, or too low, then the video or pics may never get loaded corrected. It's like trying to fill 12 ounces of soda into a shot glass. And, if the shot glass was half full to begin with, it isn't good.

So, try emptying the cache, or Temporary Internet files. Or else use the "Tools Options" area of most browsers to increase the size of the cache or Temporary Internet Files area. Or else, just exit all your browsers (which is usually a setting to "empty cache" for that session) and see what happens.

Just some general ideas to try... Good luck!!!
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